Demo Equipment for Sale

Below is the demonstration equipment that is currently available for purchase.  All equipment has been impeccably cared for and owned by R.L. Guimont Co., Inc.

OGP Focus (2021)

Benchtop Optical Comparator
  • 14" diameter screen
  • Rigid, all-steel heavy duty cast aluminum worktable
  • 15” x 5” XY Travel 
  • Motorized stage
  • Q-Check Digital Readout
  • 10x, 20x, 50x Telecentric magnification lenses
  • Bright green LED profile light
  • TruLight oblique ring light with variable intensity
  • TruLight TTL surface light with variable intensity
List Price:  $33, 010.00
Demo Price:  $30,445.00

SmartScope® Flash™ 302 (2020)

Multisensor measurement system from OGP

SmartScope® Flash™ systems provide intuitive, inclusive automatic dimensional measurement that frees you to focus on other tasks. Flash is an all-in-one measurement solution that can help you verify dimensions, qualify parts and processes, remove bottlenecks, reduce costs, and make you more productive.

Included with system:

  • 300/300/200mm measuring range
  • Patented 12:1 AccuCentric® auto-calibrating zoom lens
  • Choice of Zone3 Express, MeasureMind 3D, or MeasureX metrology software
  • Scanning Probe Ready
  • Touch Probe Ready
  • Laser Ready
  • Rotary Ready
  • Dual 24” flat panel LCD monitors
  • Microsoft® Windows™ system controller

Available Options:

  • Zone3 Pro metrology software
  • MTR rotary for 5-axis measurement
  • SP25 Scanning Probe Ready
  • TP-20 Touch Probe Ready
  • Integrated QVI TTL laser
List Price:  $81,870.00
Demo Price:  $77, 775


Entry-level scanning technology from ZEISS

The affordable CONTURA® is ideal for small and mid-sized companies wanting the benefits of scanning.

Included with system:

  • 7/10/6 measuring range
  • RDS-XXT Scanning Probe (TL3) with RDS-CAA
  • Basic probe kit and MasterProbe
  • New Windows 10 PC
  • Current Calypso software
  • Installation, Calibration, and Training

Additional hardware/software options and training are available.


C-Vision Benchtop (2017)

Video Contour Projector

The Cvision™ Video Contour Projector® combines the speed and accuracy of a traditional video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator to create a high accuracy shop floor measurement solution.

Included with system:

  • Lens turret with fully telecentric low and high Magnification lenses
  • Low mag FOV = 78mm, High mag FOV = 19mm
  • Motorized 15" x 6" travel
  • ±7.5° Helix motion
  • High-resolution QVI digital video camera with 4 digital magnification steps and digital panning with Native Video® image processing
  • Programmable 8-sector Green LED Ring Light
  • SnapX Metrology Software
  • Second Monitor
  • Installation/Calibration/Training(One Day)
List Price:  $73,021.00

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