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CMM & Vision System Accessories



R.L. Guimont Co., Inc. is proud to offer CMM styli from several manufacturers. This allows us to find the right stylus for your application at the best price and delivery.


Same day shipping on most styli
Design Your Own Stylus
Huge selection and competitive pricing


High quality scanning styli
Thermofit extremely low coefficient of expansion extensions & stylus shafts
Styli for surface finish and roundness testers


 Styli for TP-X (TP-2, TP-20, TP-200, etc.) and machine tool probes
Fixed and indexing probe heads for CMMs and machine tools.

Carbide Probes

Wide range of CMM styli
Styli and contact points for indicators and surface testing equipment



Modular fixturing is a great solution for holding parts on CMMs and vision systems. Not only does it give you flexibility in the parts you can hold they increase productivity and reduce cost by having the correct workholding solution without the need for dedicated fixtures.

Renishaw Fixturing Solutions LLC

CMM & vision systems fixturing with Quick-load rail systems

Inspection Arsenal

Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plate System for CMMs and vision systems.


The original alpha numerically engraved fixture plates for CMM inspection.

R.L. Guimont offers mag blocks & Vees, sign plates, clamp kits, and position plugs from several manufacturers.  We also offer dedicated and modular fixture design services. Please let us know your needs and we will come up with the right solution.