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3D Scanning

White Light and Laser Scanning from ZEISS


3D Scanning with Blue LED Fringe Projection

The ultra-compact 3D sensor ZEISS COMET offers great flexibility, a high measuring speed, and impressive performance.  The innovative sensor system is extremely compact and light, meaning you can transport it to different application sites without any difficulty. Simple on-site calibration ensures that you can quickly change the measuring field by swapping the lenses. It is fast and easy, and soon the system is ready for the next measuring task.


Portable Laser Scanner for Fast Data Capture

ZEISS T-SCAN has a modular all-in-one concept that includes perfectly matched components (tracking camera, hand-held scanner and touchprobe), thereby offering highest flexibility for a large variety of applications.


Point Clouds at the Speed of Light

ZEISS LineScan is the tool of choice when capturing the entire surface of forms using point clouds is important – whether for a comparison with available nominal CAD data sets or for the creation of a new CAD model.  LineScan is supported on ACCURA, CONTURA, and MMZ CMMs equipped with and RDS head.


Industrial CT- and X-Ray Solutions

With an industrial computed tomography system from ZEISS, you can successfully perform measuring and inspection jobs yourself with only one X-ray scan. The standard acceptance test, the precision engineering and the sophisticated calibration process ensure the traceability of the system. Linear guideways and a rotary table meet customers’ highest demands for precision.

Laser Scanning from OGP

ShapeGrabber Ai Series

from QVI

QVI’s ShapeGrabber Ai Series automated 3D scanners can bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and complete coverage to industrial 3D inspection. Using multiple motion axes, ShapeGrabber laser scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and registration and ensure fast, accurate results.  All ShapeGrabber 3D scanners are sold as complete systems that include the appropriate scanhead for your needs.