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Carr Lane Manufacturing

Carr Lane Manufacturing is recognized as a world leader for standard tooling components and industrial parts used by virtually every industry around the globe.  Known primarily for jig & fixture tooling components, Carr Lane Manufacturing offers more than 100,000 industrial parts. Carr Lane is proud to sell American-made products, with the majority of their fixture manufacturing done at two American plants located in St. Louis, MO, and Austin, TX.

  • Alignment pins
  • Hoist Rings
  • Handles, Knobs & Screw Clamps
  • Spring-Loaded Devices
  • Supports, Rests & Feet
  • Locators
  • Clamps & Accessories
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Jig & Fixture Bases
  • Modular Fixturing
  • Toggle Clamps
  • Drill-Jig Bushings
  • Assembly & Handling Technology

Carr Lane Roemheld Power Workholding

Carr Lane Roemheld power workholding devices allow users faster clamping and faster machining with increased quality. Power workholding devices offer significant advantages over manual clamping, including remote clamp operation, reduced operator fatigue, automatic sequencing, compactness and increased machine-tool capacity.

  • Concentric Clamping
  • Swing Clamps
  • Extending Clamps
  • Threaded Cylinders
  • Block Cylinders
  • Work Supports
  • Fixture Clamps
  • Bore Clamps
  • Hydraulic Power Sources
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Fittings & Accessories
  • Zero-Point Mounting Systems
  • Precision Vices

Harig Grinding and EDM Accessories

Harig Manufacturing Corporation is a precision metalworking technology company.  Founded in 1937 as a state-of-the-art tool and die builder, today they are a leading fineblanking and stamping supplier with strong tool and die support specializing in grinding and EDM accessories.

  • V-Block Fixtures
    • Grind-All 
    • Duo-Form
    • Ultra-Grind
  • 5C-Collet Fixture
    • Uni-Dex 
    • Spin-Indexer
  • Wheel Dressers Fixtures
    • Tru-Dex
    • Duo-Form
    • Magna-Dress
    • Adjusto-Dress
  • Lectric-Centers for Grinding
  • Kool-Grind System
  • Simco Bur-Beaver
  • Ho-Vee System
  • Super Wee-Blocks
  • EDM Tooling
    • Roto-Spindle
    • Flush-Chuck
    • Twin-Angle
    • Adjusta-V
    • Edge-Master
    • System 3R

Suburban Tool/Taft-Pierce Workholding Equipment

Suburban Tool, INC. has 40+ years experience in manufacturing the highest quality workholding products and inspection equipment. A significant part of Suburban’s quality is due to their experienced craftsmen adhering to precision standards. Suburban’s products are manufactured by using exacting procedures in the USA.

  • Metrology Equipment & Accessories
  • Pallet Fixtures, Base Plates, & Vises
  • Angle Plates & Irons, Box Parallels and Cube
  • The SineSet® System
  • Sine Plates
  • Magnetic & Vacuum Chucks, Controls & Pumps
  • Index Fixtures & Accessories
  • Wheel Dressers
  • Vises & Sine Vises
  • V-Blocks
  • Straight Edges, Tri-Blocks & Parallels
  • Bench Centers & Accessories
  • Squares