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Coordinate Measuring Machines


ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise founded in 1846 and reaches into semiconductor manufacturing technology, industrial quality & research, medical technology, and consumer optics.  The Industrial Metrology business group is a leading manufacturer of multidimensional metrology solutions. These include coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems and metrology software for the automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, plastics and medical technology industries. Innovative technologies such as 3D X-ray metrology for quality inspection round off the product portfolio.

Bridge CMMs


ZEISS CONTURA is the reference machine in the compact class.  The new generation is equipped with the multi-application sensor system (mass) and, thanks to a common interface, enables simple switching between different sensor technologies in just a few simple steps. In addition to innovative options such as measuring in four axes using a flexible rotary table, an automated probe changing system or the HTG option (for larger temperature ranges), the device also stands for first-class performance, ergonomics, and future security.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 1.5 + L/350 and comes in sizes ranging from 7/7/6 to 12/24/10


ZEISS ACCURA is the future-proof bridge-type measuring machine. The modular design makes the system futureproof: ZEISS ACCURA can be modified to meet changing requirements on the configuration, sensors, and software.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 1.2 + L/350 and comes in sizes ranging from 9/12/8 to 20/42/15



With the new ZEISS SPECTRUM you will enter the next level of certainty and productivity. It is the ultimate in entry-level CMMs, both in value and performance.

Length measurement error E0 in μm of 1.9+L/250 for all sizes ranging from 5/5/6 to 10/16/6



ZEISS MICURA is the solution for new demands in industrial production where parts are becoming increasingly compact and accuracy requirements are rising. MICURA comes standard with the VastXT gold sensor which gives you precise high-speed scanning with stylus diameters as small as 0.3mm.

Length measurement error E0 in μm of 0.7 + L/400 in either a 5/5/5 or 5/7/5 size.



Over the last 25 years ZEISS PRISMO has become synonymous around the world for high-speed scanning and maximum accuracy in the measuring lab and is the reference in precision measurement. ZEISS PRISMO is used when measurements with tolerances of one micrometer or less must be reliably taken.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 0.5+L/500 and comes in sizes ranging from 7/9/5 to 16/42/10



ZEISS XENOS is at home wherever maximum precision is demanded – in the measuring labs of research institutes, the aerospace industry and the optical industry. The high-end machine combines precision at the limits of what is technically feasible with a measuring range of nearly one cubic meter.

Length measurement error E0 in μm of 0.3 + L/1000 in a size of 9/15/7.

Shop Floor CMMs



ZEISS DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gauges. Equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor from ZEISS, it can even be used to capture contours and freeform surfaces. A rough production environment? No match for ZEISS DuraMax. This system simply brushes off any temperature fluctuations, dust and dirt it encounters in the course of the day.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 2.2 + L/300 in a size of 5/5/5.



ZEISS GageMax measures directly in production with enormous speed and precision. GageMax is unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuations and ground vibrations. This measuring machine can also measure unknown curves and freeforms via active scanning. Thanks to navigator technology and the Performance Kit, ZEISS GageMax is able to fully automatically scan the ideal line.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 1.9 + L/300 at 20°C in a size of 7.5/5/5.

Large CMMs


In the aerospace industry, in-vehicle and mechanical engineering as well as in many other fields, coordinate measuring machines with a large measuring range are required so that there is no need to compromise when it comes to precision. This is why ZEISS offers a wide range of tabletop, bridge-type and gantry coordinate measuring machines in various sizes. Large coordinate measuring offered by ZEISS include ZEISS ACCURA and the entire ZEISS MMZ product family (MMZ T, MMZ M, MMZ G).

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 2.2 + L/400 and comes in sizes ranging from 20/42/15 to 60/60/30

Horizontal Arm CMMs


ZEISS CARMET is an economical, all-inclusive package that leaves nothing to be desired and offers ZEISS quality throughout. The trapezoidal Z column, the user- and maintenance-friendly design, reliable operational safety, good accessibility, and the easy-to-calibrate RDS-CAA articulating probe holder, are only a few of the highlights that are standard features with ZEISS CARMET.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 35 + L/50 and comes in sizes up to 70/30/25


The ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance is a modular horizontal arm measuring machine that is very easy to configure. This means that it can be ideally tailored to meet your cost efficiency and performance requirements. The ZEISS PRO/PRO T advance also offers you the advantage of the maximum variability in terms of measuring ranges, shapes and sensor systems.

Length measurement error E0 in μm as low as 18 + L/125 and comes in sizes 100/30/30

Calypso Software


With ZEISS CALYPSO, you will measure standard geometries easily, quickly and reliably. A single mouse click on the required characteristics is all that is needed for programming. In combination with measuring machines and sensors from ZEISS, you receive a high-performance system from a single source. Thanks to a large number of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.

Available Options:

  • GEAR PRO: Enables gear metrology on the CMM and supports cylindrical , bevel gears, and worm gears plus rotors, gear hobs.
  • PLANNER: Offline solution for creating and simulating measurement plans allowing you to leave the CMM free for inspection
  • CURVE/FREEFORM: These options provide the analysis of profile of line (CURVE) and profile of a surface (FREEFORM) of any complex geometry to any datum reference frame.
  • PCM: This is a scripting option allowing you to extend the functionality of CALYPSO to interact with other systems and is a perfect solution for programming part families.
  • BLADE PRO: BLADE PRO determines an enormous range of parameters for the analysis of turbine blades.
  • FACS: FACS makes it possible to integrate routine measuring applications into automated processes.
  • DMIS: The DMIS option can be used to import and export measuring programs into ZEISS CALYPSO or to other DMIS based software.


ZEISS PiWeb is a scalable IT solution for quality data management. With the database-supported versions ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise, you can organize the information flow resulting from Industry 4.0 and therefore enhance the quality of your products and productivity. Entry into modern data management is easy: ZEISS PiWeb reporting is already contained in ZEISS CALYPSO.