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Pratt & Whitney®, founded in 1860, is a global supplier of ultra-precision Metrology instruments, inspection gaging systems, and length measuring machines. Their instruments incorporate the latest in laser and sensor technology allowing for fast and accurate measurements. Calibration laboratory applications include: gage blocks, internal and external threads, national pipe threads (NPT), cylindrical plugs, pin gages, ring gages, dial/test indicators, length standards, taper gages, micrometers, calipers, snap gages, disc masters, API gages, thread wires, bore gauges, and your precision parts.

LabMaster Universal

LabMaster Universal

The most popular ID/OD instrument in the world. Automatic probe movement with a push of a button. High accuracy is maintained by its laser interferometer, zero Abbe offset design, and large measuring table with swivel, center, tilt, and elevation control knobs.

Uncertainty of 2+0.5L Microinches / 0.05 + 0.5L/1000 µm

Applications include gage blocks, end standards, plain & threaded plug gages, pin gages, indicators, micrometers, ring gages, thread rings, snap gages



Designed for gage calibration laboratories requiring precise measurements over long lengths. Ideal for use as a setting bench gage and calibration instrument. Suitable for a quality lab or a shop floor environment. Highest accuracy at best price point.

Uncertainty of 5+0.7L Microinches/0.125+0.7L/1000 µm

Applications include gage blocks, end standards, plain & threaded plug gages, pin gages, indicators, micrometers, ring gages, thread rings, snap gages or calipers

Universal Supermicrometer

Universal Supermicrometer

The definitive bench micrometer, the Universal Supermicrometer (USM), offers the advantage of being two instruments in one, by providing the ability to measure both internal and external parts, gages or standards. Additionally, as a high precision, direct-reading metrology instrument, it is equally capable of checking critical components such as shafts, bores, O-rings, or just about any ID/OD part.

Uncertainty of 10+0.7L Microinches / 0.25+0.7L /1000 µm

Applications include length standards, plugs & pins, rings, external threads, dial & test indicators, your precision component

LabMaster Universal

Edmunds Twin-Head Gage Block Comparators

Edmunds Twin-Head Gage Block Comparators are designed and manufactured to handle the full range of gage block sizes and calibrate at a resolution of .0000001 inch. Resolutions of .0000002 inch, .0000005 inch or .000001 inch are also selectable. Edmunds offers two size ranges: a 20 inch Ultra-Precision Twin-Head Gage Block Comparator for gage blocks from 0 to 20 inches ( 0 to 508 mm), and a smaller 5 inch version designed to calibrate up to 4 inch ( 101 mm) blocks. Both units provide true point-to-point measurement. They feature two heads with individual power supplies, amplifier circuits and controls. A panel control can switch the comparator to single head operation when desired.

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